Team EntreMundos

Yessica Pastor

Yessica has a degree in Local Environmental Management from the San Carlos University of Guatemala and studied Regional Development at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences FLACSO. For several years she worked as a Spanish teacher and as a travel agent; but in the last seven years he has worked with development and human rights organizations in Guatemala.

Silvia Arcandi

Silvia holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Universitá degli Studi di Trento (Italy). She is interested in working in developing countries and participated in courses focused on this topic. He practiced a case of conflict over waters between Chile and Bolivia and a one-year volunteer in Guatemala supporting the Sistema Ambiental Comunitario of an association promoting practices for the care of the environment.

Diana Pastor

Lourdes Aguilar

Lourdes possesses Pensum closed in the Engineering Course in Local Environmental Management of the Centro Universitario de Occidente. She has experience in working in communities and in the Municipality of Totonicapán in the topics of community forestry, forest management and conservation. In 2018, she participated in the preparation of environmental consultancies for an organization in Guatemala.


Fernando Ximin