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Since 2001, EntreMundos has published a bimonthly and bilingual (Spanish and English) Magazine, which aims to raise awareness about topics related to development and human rights.

It is an instrument through which we create understanding and connection between Guatemalans and foreigners and between rural and urban areas about social, economic, political, and cultural topics in Guatemala and Central America. Further, it provides a space where independent journalists and writers – as well as locally-based organizations and collectives – can share their stories, experiences, and opinions on diverse issues and problems with which the public is often not familiar due to the limited information shared through Guatemala’s traditional media.

EntreMundos Magazine adheres to the “Peace Journalism” school of thought, which looks at a problem not simply to describe its negative consequences but rather to profile the voices of the affected, and to encourage civic participation by individuals and grassroots organizations through action and social commitment.

53 RevistaIt aims to give platforms to those voices that can educate communities about their rights and their historical context, about voting, about demanding audits and transparency in public works, about approaching and supporting decentralized governments, and about interacting with CO.CO.DES – Community Councils for Development -, CO.MU.DES. – Municipal Councils for Development – and CO.DE.DES. – Departmental Councils for Development – (structures created to favor civil society participation in development, planning, and local public management), Deputy Mayors (representatives and spokespeople for rural collectives, elected yearly by their communities), and other institutions and organisms that work for the defense and promotion of the most historically excluded and marginalized groups.

The Magazine is totally free; printing 2,000 copies every two months is funded through income generated through ads from local businesses as well as EntreMundos’ own funds. Its 100% bilingual format serves to create a better understanding and potential for cooperation between Guatemalan and foreign people and institutions, whose presence in the country as tourists, volunteers, and development or trade professionals has been a both a blessing and a challenge for Guatemala.

The Magazine is also a platform for information, disclosure, and visibility for the other activities of EntreMundos, with a fixed space where everyone involved in our programs (facilitators/instructors for the educational cycles; NGOs, participating community and grassroots organizations; EntreMundos coordinators and attendees; external people with proven knowledge about a specific theme, independent journalists) can share their articles, news, and feedback about the certification programs, courses, institutional work, and various arguments related to human rights and sustainable development.

Since January 2016, the Magazine has been discussing different projects in more depth, both those of EntreMundos as well as of the community organizations in our database that wish to publicize their work. This is done with a fixed space of eight pages (four in Spanish and four in English), with the following sections:

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1) RESOURCES FOR COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS, through which we create a space for dialogue and cooperation between the NGOs, groups, and cooperatives that attend EntreMundos Certification and Information Technology Courses, and other workshops and training sessions;

2) COMMUNITY, where we increase visibility for local collectives that participate in the certification program and where they can share their successful experiences, best practices, and hopes for Community Tourism;

3) COLLECTIVE VOICES, a paragraph entirely dedicated to introducing organizations and groups that benefit from the SPP Program – Small Grant Program – and their initiatives;

4) OPPORTUNITIES FOR VOLUNTEERS, where we offer a platform for connecting local organizations with national and international volunteers who wish to volunteer.

In this way, we are able to:

a) multiply the message, influence, and impact of all of EntreMundos’ actions;

b) capture the attention of more people, groups, and national and international organizations; and

c) encourage cohesion and links between EntreMundos projects that lead to active participation and leadership by the organizations in our network.

55 RevistaThe Magazine is the responsibility of our Editor, whose principal duties are:

- To contact, support, and direct the drafting of articles by independent writers, with a focus on women, youth, and community and locally-based organizations;

- To support, direct, and supervise the work of the Human Rights and Development Journalism internship volunteer and other possible participants;

- To revise, correct, and finalize the articles and sections;

- To write the bimonthly editions, translate them to English (with the help of all of the EntreMundos staff), lay them out, and send them to the printers;

- To pick up the 2,000 printed copies of the magazine and organize their distribution;

- To coordinate with the editor of the magazine online about which articles will be uploaded to the webpage and on the Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Our EntreMundos Magazine has a large social impact, thanks to the 2,000 copies distributed in approximately 230 different sites across the country (principally in the city of Quetzaltenango and in the rest of the highlands of Guatemala), and to our website (, active since August 2015, which was created to provide a platform for dialogue and cooperation with more room for news, articles, editorials, sections, reports, columns, etc…, and at the same time to have better coverage and access in both Guatemala and other countries.


If you, your organization, group, NGO, or community would like to collaborate with the Magazine, publish an article, join the distribution network, and/or place an ad, please contact the Editor of the Magazine (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or the Editor of the Magazine on-line (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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