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Since its founding in 2001 EntreMundos has published a bilingual (Spanish/English) magazine every two months known as EntreMundos Magazine; its objective being to inform, analyze and debate topics related to development and human rights. Additionally, it addresses topics related to culture as a way of understanding society—not only in Guatemala, but also, in others parts of the world.

It is a medium of communication which introduces social, economic, and political topics and brings together rural and urban people, established social organizations and emerging ones. Space is provided within the publication for these groups, together with independent writers to share their history, experiences and opinions about societal situations and social problems; and issues frequently unknown or that have not yet entered public awareness due to a lack of information and/or reflection on the part of traditional means of communication.

EntreMundos Magazine is managed under the auspices of the School of Journalism for Peace, which analyzes phenomena based on cause, not just on effect. It focuses on solutions rather than concentrating on crisis or conflict. It addresses the perspectives of those involved through understanding their point of view. Above all, it offers participation to ordinary members of society, encouraging individual and group participation through social action and commitment.

The publication is completely free to its readers.  Production expenses are financed by selling public announcements in the magazine, through funding from the Planet Wheeler Foundation, from the EntreMundos’ own funds; it also works through the collaboration of several volunteer writers and translators who through articles and translations make the magazine possible. It also works with through the collaboration of several volunteers who make the magazine publishing possible.  The magazine’s format is one hundred percent bilingual growing maximal understanding and the possibility of collaboration among Guatemalan and foreign institutions.  As such, EntreMundos is the only Guatemalan publication with a social action focus for both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking readers.

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Its pages also provide a platform for information, outreach, and visibility for the activities of  EntreMundos, the organization, always dedicating space to those involved in our programs, e.g. facilitators of training sessions, allied organizations,  coordinators and volunteers at EntreMundos, those knowledgeable about specific topics and independent journalists, who can share articles about what our organization does.

Since January 2016 the magazine has been publishing more in-depth reports on the varying EntreMundos programs and projects as well as about community organizations which participate actively with our organization.  This is achieved by dedicating eight pages of space (four in Spanish, four in English) where one can find the following sections:

1) RESOURCES FOR COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS, through which we create a space for dialogue and cooperation between the NGOs, groups, and cooperatives that attend EntreMundos Certification and Information Technology Courses, and other workshops and training sessions;

2) COMMUNITY, where we increase visibility for local collectives that participate in the certification program and where they can share their successful experiences, best practices, and hopes for Community Tourism;

3) COLLECTIVE VOICES, a paragraph entirely dedicated to introducing organizations and groups that benefit from the SPP Program – Small Grant Program – and their initiatives;

4) OPPORTUNITIES FOR VOLUNTEERS, where we offer a platform for connecting local organizations with national and international volunteers who wish to volunteer.

In this way the publication is able a) to spread its message about, increases awareness of, influence and impact of the activities of EntreMundos wherever they may be; b) can attract attention of more people, groups and national and international entities, and c) is able to achieve better connection and alliances between projects and programs by encouraging active and direct participation by the sister organizations of our institution.


The periodical has a major impact at the national level thanks to a print run of 2000 copies which are distributed in approximately 200 different places throughout the country, mostly in the city of Quetzaltenango and the Western Highlands of Guatemala; and since August of 2015, due to the journal’s webpage ( The on-line version of EntreMundos Magazine was meant to create a shared platform for dialogue and bringing together more articles, news, reports, chronicles and photography, etc. while at the same time offering maximum coverage and access in Guatemala and the rest of the world.

Recently, with the May-June 2018 publication, the journal reached its 100th edition which is a great achievement for a not-for-profit publication. Seventeen years of uninterrupted publication of 100 editions was celebrated with a variety of activities, touching on diverse topics, all of notable importance to Guatemala.

If you are an independent writer or part of an community organization and you would like to work with the magazine EntreMundos by publishing an article, sharing information relevant to the periodical, being part of the distribution network, taking out an advertisement, being a volunteer translator or working directly a long term voluntary service with the magazine, please contact Diana Pastor, editor of EntreMundos Magazine, via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Richard Brown, editor of the on-line version: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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