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Some Guatemalan organizations are looking for national and international volunteers with specific skills so that they can complete more definite and timely tasks within their institution.

On the other hand, there are people (students and professionals) who have specific training and experience and want to carry out a formal and well-structured working experience, which will allow them to build on their studies and knowledge and put them into practice in different fields. The principal purpose of our Internship Service is exactly this: to facilitate collaboration between individual volunteers with specific skills who are willing to stay for a minimum of three months in Guatemala and local organizations that seek well-defined volunteer profiles to incorporate them into their teams.

The volunteers, therefore, carry out professional work within the organizations that are interested in their profiles and skills. The latter offer in exchange the possibility to complete a supervised and well-organized internship: a valuable learning tool, real working experience and an exchange of competencies, abilities, knowledge, techniques, processes, and working methodologies, not to mention the opportunity to live in and learn about Guatemala, a country with profound and extraordinary cultures that are thousands of years old.

The internships differ from classic volunteering in that they imply:

1) an independent and different plan of work, depending on the organization chosen;

2) a major leadership role, responsibility, and strong commitment;

3) direct, active, and meaningful work with the local population;

4) a longer time commitment of no less than 90 days.

The Internship Service requires a donation of between US$ 50.00 and US$ 100.00 per month (depending on the chosen host organization), which is divided between the local organization where the volunteer does their internship and EntreMundos.

This amount INCLUDES:49 Servicio de Pasantía 3
  • Coordination of the internship;
  • All information and contacts before arrival to Guatemala (in English or Spanish);
  • Total and permanent support during your stay in Guatemala;
  • Monthly and final evaluations of the Internship by the local supervisor and EntreMundos;
  • A certificate that confirms completion of the internship;
  • A continued relationship with EntreMundos and the organization once the Internship is over;
  • Packets of useful information and data about lodging, food, medical attention, immigrations, trips, and tourist attractions on the country, etc…;
  • Any administrative task that you require of EntreMundos, for example completing university paperwork (in English / Spanish), letters of recommendation, references for CV/resume, etc...

The donation DOES NOT INCLUDE airfare, transport within the country, medical insurance, lodging, food, possible extra medical/pharmaceutical costs, and other costs during your stay in Guatemala.

To choose any of these internships, please thoroughly read all of the information and requirements for each position and send your updated CV/resume, a cover letter, and the REGISTRATION FORM (click here) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As with the Consulting Service, we recommend that you wait for our reply before making the respective payment.
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Do you have questions about our Internship Service? Please contact our EntreMundos Volunteer Program Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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