<< Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has..... >>
Margaret Mead (USA cultural anthropologist)

This is something that we at EntreMundos firmly believe, and it is for this reason that, for more than ten years, we have been receiving and accompanying groups of volunteers who want to live an unforgettable experience – both personal and professional – in Guatemala.

Through our Group Volunteering Service, we offer programs that are personalized according to the requests and interests of each group and that include educational, social, cultural, environmental, and recreational activities that permit volunteers to get to know Guatemala deeply and directly, while also providing small organizations, associations, schools, educational centers, health and social work centers, community establishments, etc… the chance to benefit from the work and knowledge of volunteers. International volunteers and local civil society are given the chance to get to know each other and exchange visions and experiences, bringing together two different realities on a shared path toward knowledge, connection, collaboration, and friendship.

This program is aimed at groups of youths (principally from universities and churches) who wish to carry out short-term volunteer work in Guatemala and at the same time learn about the culture, history, language, politics, and current events of the country. EntreMundos organizes the entire trip, and facilitates connections with different local community actors depending on the preferences and specific interests of the group. The most requested community services include municipal construction, home improvement, reforestation, agriculture, caring for the ecosystem, education, defense and promotion of child and youth rights, nutrition and medical attention, reclaiming of Maya cultural identity, and many others.

EntreMundos also organizes cultural, environmental, and educational activities, which include talks on topics of your choice; excursions to volcanos, community farms, or hot springs; visits to Lakes Atitlán and Chicabal and to the most touristic cities in the country (Antigua Guatemala, Panajachel, Quetzaltenango, Santa Cruz, San Marcos, San Pedro la Laguna, etc….); coffee and chocolate tastings, trekking, typical dances, sewing classes, hand embroidery, stick weaving, traditional cooking, presentations on the history of Guatemala, participation in Maya ceremonies and an explanation of the Maya calendars, of the 20 Nahuales and of the 13 energies that make up the Cholq’ij, etc…

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What does EntreMundos do?

We are the principal contact for all foreign groups interested in the Group Volunteering Program and we are committed to:

  • Designing agendas, itineraries, and budgets to satisfy the interests and needs of individual groups; 
  • Directing and coordinating the logistical and administrative tasks related to the program;
  • Guaranteeing good lodging, healthy and safe food, and safe, private transportation;
  • Organizing in great detail volunteer work and the cultural and educational activities;
  • Acting as leader, companion, assistant, and translator for the groups;
  • Making available to the group for their entire stay (from the first day at the airport in the capital until the last day) two bilingual professionals from EntreMundos, with proven experience: the Volunteer Program coordinator and the local guide;
  • Providing an efficient accompaniment service using the EntreMundos vehicle in the event of unforeseen needs or emergencies (in addition to the private bus for the volunteers);
  • Settling finances and providing clear and precise accounts of all costs, presenting whenever requested receipts and bills;
  • Providing a fluid and constant communication with the groups before, during, and after their stay in the country;
  • Awarding a Certificate of Participation in our Group Volunteering Program to each participant.

In the last three years, EntreMundos has received and accompanied many groups from Canada (from the Universities of Alberta (Edmonton), Saint Paul, and Ottawa (Ontario)) and the United States (James Madison (Virginia), Drexel (Philadelphia), Elon (North Carolina), Eckerd (Florida), Clark and Bridgewater (Massachusetts) Universities), as well as youth groups from churches and religious congregations.

The Universities of Alberta and Ottawa, and James Madison and Drexel Universities organize a group volunteering trip with new students each year.
Our priority in our Group Volunteering Service is to offer the maximum benefit to host communities, with minimum cost for volunteers and our institution.

This is why the donation that EntreMundos requires covers only the costs of administration and staff (the program coordinator and the local guide) and is shared with the local organizations with which our international volunteers work.

Through our deep understanding the local context and our regular work with community leaders and our wide network of contacts (more than 1,000 grassroots organizations in the whole country!!!!!), we collaboratively plan an appropriate agenda based on the objectives, needs, and requests of your group, with special interest in maximizing the community impact and giving volunteers a unique, exciting, and unforgettable experience. 



Do you need any clarification about our Group Volunteering Service? You can read our PRESENTATION PDF (click here) and take a look at our INTRODUCTION VIDEO:

If you have any other questions, contact the EntreMundos Volunteer Program Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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