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EntreMundos wants to help you make a difference and we offer personal and professional consulting so that you can find the best volunteering opportunities in Guatemala, where you will be able to actively and constructively contribute to community projects based on your availability, Spanish level, experience, knowledge, skills, and interests…..

The purpose of our Volunteer Program is to connect the expressed needs of national and international volunteers who have specific skills with local organizations that have concrete needs and are interested in receiving volunteers. This is a collaboration that reflects our name, “Entre Mundos,” “Between Worlds,” and allows for personal and professional growth and development for both parties while bringing together two different realities on a shared path toward knowledge, connection, exchange on several levels, even the creation of friendship ties.

EntreMundos offers interested people the opportunity to volunteer with more than 100 organizations in the country, the majority of them in the western highlands. These entities work in fields such as education, health, nutrition and food security, hygiene, environment, renewable energy, agriculture, comprehensive rural development, community tourism, defense of the rights of indigenous peoples, of women, of children, and of youth, among many others. We cooperate directly with each one of these organizations to identify what kind of volunteers they need and to make sure that our potential volunteers not only have an excellent experience, but that they also offer a useful service to the organization with which they work.

In this section of our webpage, we offer a free database in Spanish and English for people who are interested in a volunteer experience, with detailed information about local organizations that are interested in receiving this type of support. Take a look at this table and you’re sure to find the volunteer opportunity that you’re looking for!!!!! We take care of facilitating contact between the volunteer and the local organization, of placement, of working out the terms of service and a detailed outline of the duties of the volunteer, and of preparing all paperwork. We also offer a constant service of orientation, support, follow-up, and evaluation.


42 Base de Datos ENTREMUNDOS



The free Database for independent volunteers, which contains a detailed and up-to-date list of opportunities, along with the location and contact information for each organization.




43 Servicio de Consulta

The Coordination Service, in which we offer the specific assistance of an expert in the host organization and management of volunteers (our Program Coordinator). The consultation can be done in person - in the EntreMundos office from Monday to Thursday, between 02:00/04:00 PM. (cost: 25.00 Qtz./ US$ 3) - and on-line, through our web service, where you can work out a detailed program and all of the preparation before the arrival of the volunteer to the locality of the organization in Guatemala (cost is US$ 40/50).

44 Servicio de Pasantía

The Internship Service, whose objective is to facilitate long-term (at least 3 months) collaboration between volunteers with specific skills and local organizations that need their work. Volunteers perform professional work within the interested organizations, offering a monthly donation of no more than US$ 100, which is divided between the local institution and EntreMundos.

45 Servicio de Voluntariado Grupal

The Community Service Learning for Groups, aimed at groups of volunteers (usually from universities) who want to carry out short-term volunteer work in Guatemala and at the same time learn about the culture, history, language, politics, and current topics of the country. We organize the complete trip and stay for these groups, requesting a donation that is shared with the local organizations with whom the volunteers work.

** Please keep in mind that any volunteer who makes use of one of these services must read, understand, and respect our CODE OF CONDUCT FOR VOLUNTEERS INTERACTING WITH CHILDREN (click here) as well as the GUIDE FOR VOLUNTEER BEHAVIOR (click here).
For more information about these four services, please contact the EntreMundos Volunteer Program Coordinator by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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