This component, which EntreMundos has run since 2010, aims to help rural groups strengthen and improve their sustainable community tourism projects.
The principal goal is for local communities to be competent and capable of taking charge of their tourism projects without external help or financial support. This goal anticipates a process of accompaniment and institutional strengthening that offers an alternative source of income for rural areas that depend solely on agriculture, preserving natural resources while allowing tourists to appreciate their natural environment, culture, ancestral knowledge, and lifestyle.  
36 Programa de Turismo Comunitario








Thanks to this sector of our Community Capacity Building Program, EntreMundos offers technical and methodological accompaniment to consolidate the principal axes of work that are necessary to improve a tourism project, such as:

  • Empowerment of each member of the project with respect to the mission/vision/axes of work of each organization;
  • Involvement of the Board of Directors and of the different Commissions (of Tourism, Administration, Marketing, Social Participation and Advocacy,.....);
  • Respect for the organization’s structure and its practical function;
  • Internal regulation and its application in practice, correction of a few articles;
  • Completion of activities according to the activities’ timetable (meetings, tabulation of data, presentation of reports), limitations and lessons learned;
  • Internal controls: of reservations, of funds, of specific shifts for each job and the borrowing of equipment, as well as the proper use of tools, functionality, restrictions, and rectification;
  • List of current products and services and up-to-date catalog of services;
  • List of prices for the final or direct client and prices for a wholesaler or tour operator;
  • Acceptance of the new prices on the part of the clients and management of different price lists;
  • Diagram of the food supply service and updating of menus; compliance with agreements, maintenance of quality and quantity of the food service, visitors’ acceptance and comments;
  • Client profile and marketing plan, which includes punctual actions for the distribution of printed materials, digital marketing and strategic alliances; evaluation of results through comments on feedback flyers and personal conversations with visitors;
  • Creation of profiles on social networks and web pages; evaluation of results according to the increase in number of visitors to the website; internal organization and lessons learned to improve the administration and management of web resources;
  • Gender policy, its implementation, acceptance, compliance, and limitations;
  • Flyers for feedback and evaluation of the service in Spanish and English; appropriate use, effectiveness, reports about service and correction, marketing actions and their continuous use, database;
  • List of immediate actions to improve the service and raise quality; how the implementation of actions to improve service has brought positive results.
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