EntreMundos is a small NGO that partially relies on the generosity of private donors, institutions, and national and international foundations to be able to continue its fight against poverty and its community impact in the defense and promotion of the human rights of the most marginalized and vulnerable populations in Guatemala.

Each year, EntreMundos is improving and increasing its financial sustainability, thanks mostly to the donations that we receive through the Volunteer Program, advertising in the magazine, renting out our rooms in “El Espacio”, and renting out the computer room and the patio for meetings and events, in addition to the symbolic donation (between 100.00 and 150.00 Qtz./US$ 13-20 for each completed Certification and Information Technology Course) that we ask from the attendees of our educational programs. The institution, however, still has not reached 100% financial sustainability and we continue to partially depend on the support of our donors, former volunteers, and friends.

If you would like to contribute concretely to the sustainable and equitable development of Guatemala, supporting our work in community strengthening and social awareness-raising as an effective response to the problems of poverty, social exclusion, discrimination, and injustice that devastate the country, you can donate through this page. Please click the button below and follow the link to our fundraising page.

Online donations can be made through XOOM, a card service that is totally safe and guaranteed; neither EntreMundos nor XOOM will use your personal information for other purposes, and will not share it with third parties.

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If you have questions and/or concerns about our online payments, you can send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or directly contact XOOM at a It will be a pleasure for us to reply to you as soon as possible.

Here are a few examples of how important your donation is to us:
  • With US$ 10 we can finance visits to local organizations and groups, which later become registered and automatically become part of the EntreMundos database.
  • With US$ 15 we can guarantee three hours of information technology classes for members of grassroots groups, so that they can take advantage of the enormous range of possibilities that information technology offers for social projects.
  • With US$ 20 we pay for the editing and publication of one page of one edition of the bimonthly magazine, improving citizen and community awareness on topics related to development and human rights.
  • With US$ 50 we can hold a capacity building workshop for a local cooperative of women weavers, so that they can consolidate their abilities and skills in the production and commercialization of their products.
  • With US$ 75 we can support a group volunteering initiative, planting 500 trees with a local ecological organization and thus contributing to the reforestation of the southwestern region of Guatemala.
  • With US$ 100 we are able to finance a day of certification programs about proper practices in community tourism or volunteer management, which can be attended by more than 20 Guatemalan community organizations.
  • With US$ 150 we can provide economic support and technical consulting for local organizations that work in the field of rural development and the defense/advancement of human rights, so that they can continue implementing their community projects.

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