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We support civil society, NGOS, and community and locally-based organizations that are committed to social justice, equality, and sustainable development in Guatemala, through six principal axes of work:
1 Programa de Capacitación Diplomados
Our Community Capacity Building Program through Certification Courses formally started in 2006 with the objective of offering educational cycles (through workshops, courses, and certification programs) on a wide variety of general and specific subjects, so that local Guatemalan organizations can strengthen their abilities and skills in the development of effective systems and processes that fortify both their own institutions, as well as civil society and the communities in which they operate.


2 Programa de Capacitació Cursos Informáticos
The Community Capacity Building Program through Information Technology Courses has been running since 2009 and aims to empower people who work for development and human rights institutions, so that they can take advantage of the enormous range of opportunities that information technology offers to social organizations. The objective is the appropriate application of computer abilities and knowledge in the daily routine of the institutions where the participants work, allowing people to improve their person performance and at the same time strengthen their organization.


5 Programa de Voluntarios
Since 2001 we have implemented an important and successful Volunteer Program, which connects the expressed needs of local organizations with the skills, competencies, and interests of national and international volunteers. The idea is to facilitate connections between local organizations that have concrete needs and volunteers who have specific abilities, a collaboration that allows both parties to grow and develop personally and professionally.

6 Programa de Subvenciones para Pequeños Proyectos

In 2013 we created the Small Grants Program, an initiative that offers economic support to local organizations that work in field of social development and human rights promotion in Guatemala and that otherwise would not receive any type of support for their projects.


3 Programa de Turismo Comunitario
The Community Tourism component, through which we have worked since 2010 to 2016 with a series of cooperatives and local organizations, to help them strengthen and improve their sustainable community tourism projects. This methodology offers an alternate source of income to rural communities that depend solely on agriculture, preserving their natural resources while allowing tourists to appreciate their natural environment, culture, ancestral knowledge, and lifestyle.




Finally, since 2001, we have edited and published the spanish/english Magazine "EntreMundos" to raise awareness about topics related to development and human rights. It circulates 2,000 copies, is distributed on a national level, and is an instrument through which we provide a platform to inform local organizations and for local organizations to share experiences, learning, visions, methodologies, and axes of work (

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